Chris Schmidt

Putting things together has always fascinated me. As a teenager tinkering with cars, restoring and remodeling them back to their original state just seemed to be my calling. Once in college, I found the restaurant business to be in my blood. Creating interesting concepts, distinct food and wines, and innovative delivery was one reason I joined the first graduating class at the Conrad Hilton Restaurant School at University of Houston.

I was lucky enough to sign on with a small company that allowed me to advance quickly and soon be in an executive position of restaurant management and development. What does this have to do with homebuilding you might ask? It was that time spent developing every aspect of seven restaurant concepts…and their buildings, kitchens, dining areas…that lead me to my current career as a remodeler and home builder. You see, opening over thirty restaurants from ground breaking to opening party taught me a few things about design AND execution. Working with over 2,000 employees at any given time in an industry with high turnover was instrumental in drawing the best out of those I worked with. Of all my abilities in this industry, I would say helping people develop a plan, work as a team, and oversee a dedicated work crew is my true forte.

Whether building a new home or renovating an existing one, home construction is emotional. It helps to work with a builder that is hands on. One that you know will be there when you need them. From initial brainstorming to design and execution, the relationship with your contractor is one of the most important aspects of construction.

My years of “tinkering” and ability to “put things together” have led me to this career. Bringing out the best in an old home or designing a home that blends with the environment is a rewarding endeavor to me. Honoring the architectural integrity of the era a home was built in is extremely satisfying. Working with clients to create a living space that works for their particular needs and delivering that home with the least amount of stress is my goal with each and every project I take on.

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